Once Upon an Artist

miss you and think you’re great

Spring 2021
Arduino, Thermal Printer, Coin-acceptor, Receipt paper, plinth

A white rectangular plinth - narrow but quite tall - stands in the room. The only three features on the plinth - a small black protrusion on top, a tiny slit on the front, and next to the slit a handwritten “price 20¢”. Having found the coin in your pocket, you drop it in the front slot. As soon as the coin has entered - you hear a slight buzz. A white piece of paper starts to come out of the top of the plinth. On it - letters make words, words become phrases, phrases turn to lines. Lines form a conversation. Once the buzzing stops - you reach your hand out, tear off the paper, and read:
I’m not going to
ask you to change
for me
Honestly I just
want to ask - are
there any chances
to keep this
Plinth view from front
Sample receipt
Receipt printer and coin acceptor (0.10EUR)

Millenial Daybed

Spring 2021
Steel, MDF, Poly foam

As your fingers brush the metal frame... the thing… the chair, maybe the bed (you’re not entirely sure what it is) rocks lightly back and forth with your touch. The shape - symmetrical across the middle, where it’s the lowest - touching the ground, rocking back and forth across the two rectangular pipe ends. The pipes grow up and outwards at a slight angle, both ends reaching towards the sky.

And just as you turn your head to see where the pipes lead - they round over and join each other, forming a semicircle. The four identical, cold metal pieces serve to hold two large wooden boards. Atop these boards - a white, luscious foam. It invites you to climb over, to lay down and have a rest.

And as you do - you lose your balance. The piece, balanced over the middle - doesn’t seem to want to accept you. It takes a while, like the first time climbing into a hammock, but eventually you find your balance.

You feel like you’re floating.
You feel weightless.

The foam absorbs you, surrounds you, and you disappear.
front view

The installation explores the work needed to try and attain balance. between starting an artistic career and earning money
between working and resting
between owning and renting
between having and not

The piece forces viewers to work to relax – the metal frame of the daybed balances delicately on a thin edge in the center, only allowing one to rest in a neutral position if they work on balancing. And as soon as you relax, and forget to balance – the piece comes crashing down onto the hard concrete floor, distrubing the entire space and removing any idea of comfort you may have just had.


Spring 2021
Fiberglass, Polyester Resin

In the middle of the dark room - a large yellowish form. At first glance - it seems almost
familiar. Large, cylindrical, but capped on both ends with hemispheres. The proportions so
familiar, seen almost daily.. a pill!

Yet there’s something not completely right - the form is too rough, too uneven. And then the
color - somewhat see through, somewhat opaque - and with this strange yellowish tinge. The light catches each minor imperfection on the curved surface, but then past that - there’s
something inside.

Something… almost human?
front view

The work revolves around the relations that exist between the various alter-egos of the artist, including by introducing more experiences and positions
within the exhibiting of the work, and by initiating rather than limiting them. It was also a tool for considering the way in which the fantasy of autonomy leaves behind the obstructive powers that have limited us in the present.
The artwork reflects my own desires and my own thoughts: the desire to meet, to love, to know. My wish to make art and/or myself.